GE Programs



Changes to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR 668.6) which governs the Higher Education Act (HEA) and the disbursement of Financial Aid (Title IV) determine how post-secondary schools, colleges and higher education institutions administer and advertise/market their education programs. The objective is to provide to prospective students consumer information so they can make the right decision in selecting a post-secondary school. Arizona Academy of Beauty believes that it is important that prospective students are provided all the information they need to make an accurate decision when choosing a beauty school. These HEA regulations can be confusing. We urge prospective students to address any questions or concerns you may have after you review the following consumer information.


Cosmetology (CIP Code – 12.0401)
Tuition and fees – $14500.00
Books and supplies – $1100.00

Nail Technology (CIP Code 12.0410)
Tuition and fees – $3850.00
Books and supplies – $1150.00

Instructor Training (CIP Code 12.0413)
Tuition and fees – $4450.00.
Books and supplies – $200.00


Arizona Academy of Beauty offers job placement to our graduates. The placement is the percentage of graduates who found employment in the field for which they are trained. The rates are not calculated per program, rather by combining all programs offered, and students that graduated within a specific time period and found employment. The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) mandates the calculation of completion, job placement and licensure and encompass the Academy’s rates for 2014 calendar year. NACCAS does not mandate rates be based on individual programs.

Based on our 2014 Calendar Year, The Arizona Academy of Beauty’s rates were as follows:
Graduation Rate – 68.29%
Placement Rate – 78.57%
Licensure Rate – 100%


Occupation date refers to information about a specific profession. The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes and provides facts for all careers and explains what you may be expected to perform for a specific job or occupation. Occupations are classified into groups and are assigned a Standard Occupation Code (SOC) for each profession. To view a specific occupation, visit and provide the SOC code for the profession you are interested in training in. Here you will be able to research the summary of work expectations, wages and employment trends. This information helps to explain what you may be expected to perform for a specific job or occupation.

The SOC codes for the programs we offer are:
Cosmetology: 39-5012
Nail Technology: 39-5092
Instructor Training (Vocational Education Teacher): 25-1194


Median loan debt refers to the “mid-range” or amount of debt a student has when they graduate or leave school. To help with the cost of education, many students at Arizona Academy of Beauty apply for Title IV student loans to attend school. Student loans are monies that must be repaid after you graduate or leave the program.

Cosmetology – $8900.00
Nail Technology – $950.00
Instructor Training – No students enrolled


Students that attend Arizona Academy of Beauty are required to complete their hours of instruction as mandated by the Arizona Board of Cosmetology in order to graduate. When a student completes the graduation requirements and instructional hours on or before their original scheduled contracted graduation date, that student is considered an on-time graduate. Whether you graduate “on-time” or not can be influenced by many factors. Many of our students have a delay in their graduation date due to leaves of absences, family responsibilities, child care issues, illness or conflict with employment schedules while attending school. The US Department of Education does not allow institutions to include students who fall into this category (even though they do graduate) and who do not complete by their program by their original scheduled contracted graduation date in the “on-time” graduation rate. We may only include those students that have graduated on or before their original scheduled contracted graduation date.

Cosmetology – 50%
Nail Technology – 25%
Instructor Training – No students enrolled